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It has been said that “Behind every business decision is a people decision.” Using an interactive and multi-media approach, Javitch Associates directly addresses key issues that affect the productivity, satisfaction and success of today’s employees and corporations. Experience and research continue to demonstrate that working with employees to increase productivity and satisfaction is the major task of any organization.

Our expert speakers focus on these very issues as they convey an effective message often blended with humor, to impact their audiences. In particular, the Javitch team addresses the skills, abilities, and knowledge necessary to bring successful leaders, their employees, and their organization into today’s competitive and constantly changing marketplace.

Here’s just a taste of the topics our clients have found helpful:

  • Leading with Positive Influence and Power
  • Coaching for Executive Excellence
  • Succeeding in Times of Organizational Conflict and Change
  • Interviewing and Assessing Key Management Staff and Candidates
  • Creating and Maintaining Higher Performance Teams
  • Empowering Your Staff to Increase Their Potential and Productivity
  • Decreasing Interpersonal Strife and Stress

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