Coaching & Consultation






Our 2 day + 1 day workshop format includes all of the following:

  • Ongoing interaction between the facilitator, the participants, and participant groups
  • Brief lectures whenever appropriate
  • Individual and group role-plays and experiential exercises
  • Pre-workshop assignments where appropriate
  • Reinforcement of the concepts being presented and experienced
  • Specific practice and emphasis on “back to work” behavior
  • Specific processes to ensure that behaviors, attitudes, skills, and knowledge learned at the sessions will be practiced, reinforced and integrated into the workplace even after the sessions have concluded
  • Questionnaires and inventories to provide specific and individualized feedback to participants
  • Special One-day follow-up: Participants reconvene in a special session approximately 4-6 weeks after the program’s initiation. The goal is to actively discuss, practice, and reinforce skills by reviewing the techniques learned in the first workshop. Additionally, we address the challenges participants may have encountered since the program began

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