Insurance Company Case Study

CASE STUDYInsurance Company

A nation-wide insurance company faced numerous internal challenges, and engaged Javitch Associates to find effective action steps to address these issues…

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  • A counter-productive, competitive environment had grown between home office and field offices, as well as within most field offices;
  • Result was decreased market share and decreased revenues;
  • A significant change in corporate culture was needed.


  • Interviewed key executives to determine depth and breadth of problems;
  • Interviewed randomly selected employees at locations across the country to understand their concerns and goals, and to identify opportunities for increased revenue to the company
    and to themselves;
  • Created an action plan to address all concerns;
  • Conducted a two-day team building and management training retreat for home and field office employees; and
  • Fostered an internal corporate culture change, transforming corporate environment from one of competition to one of collaboration.

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