Manufacturing Corporation Case Study

CASE STUDYManufacturing Corporation

A national steel manufacturing firm sought to replace a major position of plant manager, and engaged Javitch Associates to assess the pool of potential candidates and help select a finalist.

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  • Identify a group of five senior staff members to be considered for promotion to the plant manager position;
  • Conduct thorough interviews with this group of candidates;
  • Assist in selection of a finalist and complete placement within twelve months;
  • Determine the reasons why the previous plant manager, the “heir apparent,” was not performing up to expectations and apparent capabilities; and
  • Provide constructive counsel for this employee’s ongoing role in the firm.


  • Met with each of the five candidates for approximately five hours;
  • Conducted in-depth interviews with each, plus two-hours of testing to determine strengths, limitations, styles of leadership, motivation, and conflict resolution;
  • Identified each candidate’s views of his/her goals, changes, and improvements for the plant, should that person advance to finalist;
  • Provided a spreadsheet of findings to the current plant manager that compared each candidate’s positive, negative, and developmental issues;
  • Created a specific plan for future growth and development for each candidate;
  • Met with the four unsuccessful candidates to explain reasons why they were not considered to be the successor, encouraged all to continue to be fully engaged in the organization, and highlighted to each their unique skills and abilities that were critical to carrying the team forward;
  • Identified the reasons why the “heir apparent” was not performing up to expectations and discussed them in depth, with a special goal of determining if he was willing to improve his performance in order to advance to the key position in the future; and
  • Guided the continuing growth and development of the selected candidate, while integrating him into the responsibilities and challenges of his new position of plant manager.

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