Scientific Research Organization Case Study

CASE STUDYScientific Research Organization

A $150 million scientific research organization with ten branch offices engaged Javitch Associates to assist their President and CEO in addressing the following challenges…

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  • A decreased level of morale in the corporate headquarters;
  • A 21% turnover among the headquarters’ 263 employees;
  • Assessing the impact of this decreased morale and turnover on the organization’s six largest clients;
  • The need to improve quality control, productivity, communication, responsiveness, and overall
    client satisfaction;
  • Gathering information essential for creating a five-year strategic plan; and
    Identifying a pool of candidates for promotion to key managerial positions.


  • Met with a representative group of management and non-management employees at all levels to ascertain group viewpoints of a variety of company issues;
  • Created a customized computer-scored survey of all company employees and select current and former clients;
    Shared survey findings with employees and created a list of action steps;
  • Conducted intensive interviews of selected candidates, from among current and potential employees, for promotion to key managerial positions;
  • Delivered customized training sessions on leadership, teambuilding, group dynamics, and task force management; and
  • Provided on-going corporate coaching.

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